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Inspirational Poetry

You Are My Rock
When time seems the darkest lean on Jesus..

I feel your presence in the stir of the gentle evening breeze,
On the wings of the eagles your message takes flight.
The universe in all its wonder screams out your name,
There is no denying your greatness.

Your Holy Spirit dwells deep inside this earthly shell,
Soothing and encouraging with every sweet whisper.
Giving hope, everlasting peace, and assurance,
Guiding me with every step I take towards YOU.

When I am troubled, you send your angels to comfort me,
Their warm embrace covers me like a warm cloak on a cold night.
I drift to sleep in heavenly peace and safety,
Knowing YOU will never leave me, I’m always in your sight.
The road to YOU isn’t always visible and I strayed once or twice,
But when it became the darkest YOU were there to light my path.
Your blessings pour out to overflowing, manifested in many ways,
Your name, Lord Jesus, I pay honor to each and every day.

When my time on earth is over and your sweet voice calls me home,
You will be my Shepherd and I will follow YOU in peace for evermore.
I will hear the songs of Angels as they sing your praises on high,
And join with them in honor in that sweet land by and by.

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