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The Importance of Huge Sperm Volume in Men


Many people must have the dream to have the good fertilization. Fertility has been the important issue for both men and women. There’re many people who suffer from infertility nowadays. Some couples find it so hard to get pregnant and have a child. One of the fertilization issue for men is having the proper sperm count.

Why do you need huge sperm volume?

By having the huge amount of sperm, you’ll have more possibilities to get the child. It’s also the sign of your healthy reproduction system. Unfortunately, there’re also many men who face the low sperm volume problem. The low sperm count is the sperm count which is below 40 million per cubic centimeter. The average men sperm count is around 120 to 350 million per cubic centimeter.

Your low sperm count can be caused by some factors such as the chemicals, radiation, alcohol consumption, drug use, etc. However, there are some methods to increase your sperm count, from the natural ways to the surgery methods. Here’re some possible ways that you can take to improve your sperm count.

Take supplement


You can try to consume the fertility supplement to improve your sperm count. There’re many men fertility supplements which are widely sold in the market. You can choose the best product which is suitable to your need. You can also consume popular herbal medicine such as red ginseng, nutmeg, Ginko Biloba extract, and Tribulus Terrestris. One of the popular herbal medicine is maca root. These herbs have gained much popularity lately for helping you balance your hormones.

See the doctor


If you think that your sperm count problem has been so serious, you can see the doctor. Your doctor may give you the hormone treatment, which includes hormone replacement. This way is usually taken if your infertility is caused by your lack of certain hormone. Your doctor may also give your infection treatment. You may take the antibiotics that can cure an infection of your reproduction system. But this cure doesn’t always solve your low sperm count problem. In the very serious case, you can take surgery to cure your disease. The cure for this is always determined by your certain conditions.

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